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Центр эстетической стоматологии “Аврора”- молодая клиника, основанная на технической и интеллектуальной базе ведущей клиники г. Свободный – ООО «Стоматология» и сертифицированной цифровой зуботехнической лаборатории «Амур-имплант». “Аврора” и «Амур-имплант» работают на одной производственной площадке. То есть Мы являемся клиникой полного цикла и благодаря ежедневной схеме работы, до позднего вечера, способна принимать посетителей и оказывать услуги в быстрые сроки. Что особенно ценно для пациентов из районов и городов области. Центр эстетической стоматологии “Аврора” имеет все возможности для выполнения сложных работ, связанных с имплантацией и протезированием зубов, без необходимости, для пациентов, делать снимки в других клиниках или неделями ждать свои зубные протезы или «коронку». Ценовая политика центра демократичная. За счёт наличия собственной лаборатории цены мы удерживаем на приемлемом уровне. На большие работы делаем скидки, рассрочку на время лечения. Также рассрочку можно получить от наших партнеров – Банка «Реннесанс-кредит» и «Почта Банк».

Why We’re the Best

Range of Services

With our dental clinic having such a big crew of professional dentists and so many clients waiting for us, we’ve also got to have as many services as we can. With our offerings ranging from cosmetic dentistry and dentures to restorative, preventative and pediatric services, we are confident that we are able to handle just about any oral health concern that you might ever have!

Professional Team

The size of our dental clinic’s team is big enough to offer a superior, patient-centric consultations and help for a range of dental services. With more than 20 dentists in our team, all of whom are proud graduates of some top medical schools in the US, we are proud of their experience, which translates into superb quality of all the services they perform.

Affordable & Available

When we were deciding on the pricing for all of our dental services, we’ve come to a notion that we must keep our clinic affordable at all costs. This meant keeping our prices at baby, while at the same time other competing dental office raised their prices tremendously. Our fair policy on that, on par with our 24/7 readiness is what distinguishes us!


That's how much lower our prices are, compared to market's average


Percentage of patients who were referred by their friends


Number of returning patients, who sign up for our bi-yearly health checkups

It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silverMahatma Gandhi

We're hiring new interns and qualified doctors all year long. If you just recently graduated from a medical school or want to switch your current position for a work at our clinic, get in touch with us!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you accept insurance and which one?

We service customers with any type of government or private health insurance, which covers the price of our treatments…

Q: What is your appointment policy?

Our doctors must work by an appointment. Unfortunately, sometimes appointments take longer than expected and do require longer time frames than scheduled. When this happens, your patience is appreciated. A sincere attempt is made to adhere to the clinic schedule as much as possible.

Q: I received a bill and have questions about it. Who can I call for assistance?

Our billing department is ready to help you. For your convenience, please contact our billing department by telephone at 1.555.329.5632